Hakim To The Heads Of Diplomatic Missions In Egypt: Iraq Is Close To Resolving The Confrontation With Daesh

BAGHDAD, – The head of the National Alliance Ammar al-Hakim confirmed that Iraq is close to resolving the military confrontation with Daesh terrorist, pointing out that Daesh will look for alternative hideouts.

“Iraq has set its priorities in the next stage of unity, Arabism, sovereignty, the strengthening of democracy and the national state,” a statement from his press office quoted him as saying during a meeting with the heads of diplomatic missions in Cairo, calling for comprehensive treatment of the problem intellectually, socially, security and intelligence cooperation among the countries of the region.

He pointed out that the next phase will see the launch of national lists, which includes blocs with real weight to form a government of national unity, opposite by national opposition, “asserting:” Iraq needs a national majority rather than numerical. “

On the national reconciliation, he explained: “It is a project to build the state and it is for all Iraqis and under the Constitution and without external interventions but only support and adoption of the United Nations,” pointing out that “Iraqis need a comprehensive project for bring all the aspirations of everyone and see their interest.”

Hakim warned from the” repercussions of the Iraqi situation on the region unless supported to overcome the crisis, which Iraq went a long way in the fight against terrorism and fought on behalf of the region and the world.”

Source: National Iraqi News Agency