Hamam Hamoudi calls on Abdul Mahdi to reveal the numbers of US troops in Iraq

BAGHDAD, The Head of the Supreme Islamic Council Hamam Hamoudi called on the Prime Minister and Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces, Adel Abdul Mahdi, to reveal the real numbers of the US forces in Iraq, their locations, the qualities they are in and the nature of their missions in Iraq. At the same time he appreciated his courageous national attitude by refusing to meet Trump outside the Protocol.

Hamoudi said in a statement that “the Supreme Council has already adopted through the House of Representatives a request from the previous government to set the ceiling for the departure of foreign forces, was approved unanimously, but there was a failure to implement this despite repeated claims, expressing his hope that Abdul Mahdi will set a time limit to end Foreign military presence “.

He reiterated that “Iraq has won by the blood of its sons and became a model to be followed by the armies of the world, especially after the resolution of the battle with Daesh at a time when the Americans say the battle will take years.”

“The Iraqis have brought out the US forces with military and political jihad, and now they do not need any foreign troops to protect their borders,” he said, stressing that “ending the military bases is the demand of all Iraqis and the people’s representatives in the Parliament to comply with the will of the people and make a decision to reflect it.”

Source: National Iraqi News Agency