Hamdan bin Mubarak approves standards of National Research Foundation’s awards

ABU DHABI: Sheikh Hamdan bin Mubarak Al Nahyan, Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research, has approved the standards for qualifying for participation in the grants and research awards programmes which are being conducted by the National Research Foundation for 2014.

In order to achieve sustainable development in various areas of life, the Ministry is conducting studies to guarantee its achievement. The Foundation launched a database for researchers last December to serve as a scientific reference for researchers in all disciplines. It also directed students and researchers at the various academic institutions to conduct research which focuses on areas that benefit the State, provided that this research is compatible with the requirements and standards of scientific research as set by the Foundation.

The standards, adopted by Sheikh Hamadan, and which should be met by innovative researchers and youth, include: obtaining a graduation certificate from one of the federal, licensed, or accredited universities inside the State or abroad, conducting research of scientific or academic value in the area of specialisation, the research should be in progress in order to finance research visits for students, and should pay a scientific visit to conduct research at a foreign university or institution or participate in another scientific research team.

As for financing the visits for researchers from faculty members, the main researcher should be a holder of a Doctorate degree, and be a full time employee at one of the federal universities or the ones licensed by the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research in the State. The university must have approved the research, and approved the researcher to pay a scientific visit to a university or scientific institution abroad.

Regarding grants for the collaborative research between universities and the industry sector, they are given to the researchers who hold a Doctorate degree and who work at a federal or licensed university that approves research of international standards, the main researcher must supervise the research team from inside the university or collaborative authorities from the industry sector or foreign universities according to the competitive research grants programme. As for the grant to finance patenting, the proposal should include an invention or new innovation which is previously unregistered and undisclosed to another party, and its results have not been published in scientific journals or at conferences.