Hamid al-Mutlaq: The absence of law and sanctions behind the continued kidnappings acts in Iraq

BAGHDAD / MP Hamid al-Mutlaq, “said that the kidnappings file extended from Saqlawiyah to Diyala and even today in the heart of Baghdad as a result of the absence of law.”

He said in a televised statement Yesterday, “We are afraid of the continued kidnappings and the silence of official bodies, as when the criminal carries out these crimes without fear and without penalty, he will continue his crimes,” calling on the government to “follow the kidnapping file and not to take the position of silence.”

al-Mutlaq stressed the existence of a default by the security authorities.”

The police sources said tthat an armed group riding 4WD cars kidnapped activist Ghufran Fadel with her father in the Saidiya area southwest of Baghdad, and took them to an unknown destination.

They relatives of the activist said in a televised interview today that unidentified gunmen in 4WD vehicles kidnapped Ghufran Fadel last Monday with her father and her brother from their home in the Saidiya area southwest of Baghdad, and until now did not know anything about them.

It is said that Saydiya has witnessed at the end of last year the kidnapping of journalist Afrah Shawqi from her home by armed men and took her at gunpoint to an unknown destination, then was released after nine days.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency