DAMASCUS, Dec. 26 (NNN-SANA) –Grand Mufti of the Republic Ahmad Badreddin Hassoun stressed that Christians and Muslims all over the world should unite the ranks in face of those who usurped al-Quds (Jerusalem), calling upon the Christians across the world to stand against US President Donald Trump’s decision on recognizing al-Quds as the capital of the Israeli occupation.

In an interview with al-Mayadeen TV on Sunday, Hassoun clarified that the unjust decision of Trump doesn’t pay any attention to the international law and the international resolutions, indicating that the Palestinians have stood in the face of that decision, and today they are celebrating the Christmas in defiance of the Zionist entity.

The Mufti hailed the honorable stances which have denounced Trump’s decision, particularly the stance of the Copts in Egypt which prevents the pilgrimage to al-Quds as long as it is occupied, and the stance of the Maronite patriarch of Lebanon Mar Bishara Boutros al-Rahi who described Trump’s decision on al-Quds as unjust and hostile.

He indicated that sedition projects in the region are a political game that has started since the invasion of Iraq in 2003 with the aim of establishing the so-called New Middle East, saying the world should recognize that this language has failed in Syria, the region and Iraq, and today it is failing in Yemen, and we are usually against it till Palestine will return to the Palestinians.

Source: NAM News Network