Higher Committee of Human Fraternity voices concern about worsening humanitarian crisis in Afghanistan

ABU DHABI, The Higher Committee of Human Fraternity (HCHF) is following the situation in Afghanistan with great concern and hoping that the key actors there will advance the aspirations of the Afghan people to live dignified and peaceful lives.

The HCHF called for protecting human rights, guaranteeing public and individual freedoms, and, in particular, safeguarding the rights of Afghan women. The committee urged respect for ethnic, linguistic, and religious diversity within the Afghan society, without marginalising any of its groups, and ensuring equality between all people.

The HCHF called on the Afghan community to work collectively to end decades of fighting and wars, which have depleted the country’s resources. It is time for Afghanistan to embrace peaceful coexistence and uphold the principles of human fraternity and tolerance among all its people.

In conclusion, the committee called on the international community to continue to stand with the Afghan people to overcome the humanitarian crisis.


Source: Emirates News Agency

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