Home Minister Kamal hopeful of being able to prevent terrorist attacks

Kamal’s optimism about preventing covert terrorist attacks stands out in contrast to allegations by bloggers and online activists that the government lacked sincerity in preventing such crimes.

The minister did not make it clear how the government planned to foil such strikes.

The Islamic State and al-Qaeda have reportedly claimed responsibility for a number of murders in Bangladesh over the past two years.

The victims include bloggers, writers, publishers, online activists, foreigners, minority Muslim sects, Christian and Hindu priests, teachers and gay-rights activist.

In each case, police rejected allegations of international militant groups’ involvement, saying home-grown extremists were the more likely culprits.

Of those killed, writer-blogger Avijit Roy was a US citizen and gay-rights activist Xulhaz Mannan a former official of the US embassy in Dhaka.

Mannan, who was killed in his home along with a friend in broad daylight, had also worked for USAID.

US officials including some counter-terrorism specialists said during the meeting with the minister that they were eager help in catching the killers.

Kamal said, “We’ve discussed how we can utilise their technology or technical help.”

He yet again dismissed the possibility of any international militant group being involved in the murders.

“What’s happening in Bangladesh is random. Local terrorists are attacking us. But we want to stop that.”

The US officials also agreed to help with counter-terrorism training so that Bangladesh acquired the capability of foiling terrorist attacks plans, he added.

Regarding concerns expressed by various embassies, Kamal said, “We admit that some such attacks have taken place. That’s why, maybe, someone has expressed concern and wrote to us.

“We’ve strengthened security measures in the diplomatic zone, for which they have already expressed satisfaction.”

US Ambassador in Dhaka Marcia Bernicat told reporters that they discussed how her country could help Bangladesh tackle terrorism.

Source: Bangladesh’s First Internet Newspaper