Hoshyar Abdullah: The Green Zone is not just a road to be opened, but a file full of corruption with regard to the real estate being exploited by officials

Baghdad, Member of the Parliamentary Finance Committee Hoshyar Abdullah said that the Green Zone is not only a road to be opened to citizens, but a file full of corruption in respect of properties exploited by officials, expressing support for the directives of the heads of the legislative and executive authorities to open this file.

“There are real estate within the Green Zone, including large houses, which have been exploited by former officials and former officials free of charge, some of which have been taken over by party figures since 2005 and until today without any legal or constitutional justification,” he said in a statement.

“There has been a lot of corruption in this case since the beginning. Former officials have legitimized the acquisition of these properties five or 10 years after the end of their term in office, and therefore a huge step must be taken by the legislative and executive authorities to recover these properties and invest them to get good revenues to the treasury of the state, “wondering:” Is it reasonable that officials do not have any status today do not have any official capacity to occupy government properties and by a decision they made and issued by themselves at previous sessions?” But it is time for the official to complete his duties immediately after his term ends, and the evacuation of the property which is exploited like other countries? And why the current administrator do not pay to the state a rent for the house occupied. “

He continued: “We support any step presented by the Speaker of the House of Representatives and the Prime Minister towards the opening of this file and the recovery of all illegally exploited properties, and the House of Representatives to resolve this important issue in its official meetings, not only at the level of the Green Zone, but at the level of Baghdad and all provinces , and we hold the government and the current parliament the responsibility to resolve them in line with social justice and public interest so that revenues of real estate go the treasury of the State.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency