Houthi militia orders arrest of 50 members for desertion

HAYES, The Iranian Houthi militia has given instructions for the arrest of 50 of its members who fled from the fronts in the Red Sea Coast area of Yemen, especially on the outskirts of Al Jarrahi Directorate.

The militia distributed a list with the names of the 50 people at their checkpoints, with instructions that they should be arrested for fleeing from the battlefront, after the heavy losses incurred in equipment and lives as a result of the attacks by the Saudi-led Arab Coalition jet fighters with the support of the UAE Armed Forces and the battles with the Yemeni Resistance.

Yemeni military sources said that the Iranian Houthi militia has set up checkpoints around besieged areas on the Red Sea Front to arrest members fleeing from the front because of successive collapses in their ranks.

The sources added that the Iranian Houthi militia is carrying out forced recruitment of hundreds of people trapped in the besieged areas, obliging the local chiefs to recruit new fighters to join the fronts in the wake of the psychological and physical collapse of these militias.

The militia is also threatening to kill or kidnap those who refuse to be forced into the militia, creating widespread popular discontent.

This comes at a time when the Arab Coalition jet fighters continue to launch air raids on the strongholds of the militia and to destroy its military reinforcements and vehicles in the area of the Red Sea Coast.

The UAE Armed Forces are providing military and logistical support to ground, air and maritime operations, as part of the Arab Coalition Forces, to support Yemen in countering the Iranian plan being implemented through the militia.

The UAE forces are also performing a key role in supporting Yemen to eliminate the Iranian-backed Houthi militias. The drive to liberate the country coincides with vital humanitarian operations that seek to rescue the Yemeni people and help them overcome their difficult conditions.

The liberation of the Directorate of Hayes and the progress northwards being made along the Yemeni Red Sea Coast is a fatal blow to the Iranian coup project in Yemen.

Source: Emirates News Agency