Houthi militias fire projectile on Abha Airport, Saudi Arabia

RIYADH, The joint forces of the Arab coalition in support of the legitimate government in Yemen announced that the Iranian-backed Houthi militias yesterday evening launched a projectile towards Abha International Airport in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

The Saudi Press Agency, SPA, quoted Colonel Turki Al Maliki, Official Spokesman for the Coalition, as saying that the attack took place at 23:35 on Wednesday at the busy airport in which thousands of civilian passengers pass through daily.

He pointed out that the incident is being investigated by authorities and that there were no reported injuries so far.

Al Maliki added that the Houthi terrorist militia continues its immoral practices by targeting civilians and civilian sites protected under international humanitarian law and its customary rules.

The Houthi militia claimed full responsibility for the attack through its media, reporting the use of a cruise missile. Al Maliki said this act constitutes a war crime and is a clear admission of a deliberate targeting of civilians.

He went on to say that the continuation of such acts of terrorism and high-quality capabilities proves the Iranian regime’s involvement in supporting the Houthi terrorist militias and the continued violation of relevant Security Council resolutions, including Resolution 2216 and Resolution 2231.

He stressed that in the face of these acts of terrorism and immoral violations by the Houthis, the coalition forces will continue to carry out strict measures to deter the militias in an effort to protect civilians.

Source: Emirates News Agency