IDSC: Egypt ranks 51st on 2022 World Energy Trilemma Index

Egypt ranked 51st of 127 countries on the 2022 World Energy Trilemma Index, registering 60.8 points on the Index this year, up three positions than last year, the Cabinet’s Information and Decision Support Center (IDSC) said in a statement on Tuesday 6/12/2022.

The goal of the Index is to provide insights into a country’s relative energy performance with regards to Energy Security, Energy Equity and Environmental Sustainability. In doing so, the Index highlights a country’s challenges in balancing the Energy Trilemma and opportunities for improvements in meeting energy goals now and in the future.

Index rankings provide comparisons across countries on each of the three dimensions based on global and national data. It also includes recommended areas for improvements on policy coherence and integrated policy innovation, thus, helping develop well calibrated energy systems.

Sweden came first on the Index and was followed by Switzerland, Denmark, Finland and the UK. The UAE, meanwhile, ranked 26th worldwide, and was first among Arab countries. Niger, Benin and the Democratic Republic of Congo came in the three last positions, respectively.

Source: State Information Service Egypt