Ignoring Pyongyang’s missile launches is the best course for all, says paper

DUBAI: A local UAE newspaper has urged for ignoring North Korea’s firing yesterday of a series of short-range missiles off its east coast as “the best course of all” as the regime of the pariah state is a “dangerously unpredictable” one.

Describing in an editorial comment the firing as “a symbolic protest against annual military exercises that South Korea conducts annually with the United States, the Dubai-based English language newspaper Gulf News said, “every year, the North considers the exercises to be acts of aggression a sign that the isolated and paranoid state needs to be on full alert at all times against a world aligned and acting in cohort against it.” “The reality is that ever since the pariah state embarked on a dangerous cult of leadership idolatry six decades ago, it has degenerated into a tyrannical and paranoid rump feeding on fears, torture and collective brain-washing of its people.

“As a result, it acts according to its fears, endangering the stability of its southern neighbour and threatening the peace of a region. Whether it is the unbridled pursuit of nuclear weapons, a deluded belief in Pyongyang’s ballistic technology, or the state-sponsored abuse of generations, the regime is dangerously unpredictable,” the paper said.

“What is sure though, is that Pyongyang has become a master of pushing to the edge to obtain international concessions and food for its malnourished people. In this instance, ignoring the launches is the best course for all,” Gulf News concluded.