In response to Washington, North Korea denies supplying Syria with chemical weapons

North Korea denied reports by Washington and news reports that it had supplied materials and technology that could be used in military and chemical missiles.

“As Washington has repeatedly stated, our nation has not developed, produced and stockpiled chemical weapons,” said the media director of the Institute of American Affairs of the North Korean Foreign Ministry, but it opposes that. “

“This American plot is just a tactic from Washington to justify its military intervention in Syria, after we have been silent about possessing chemical weapons, targeting the application of the total naval blockade on us.”

He called on the international community to “realize that the United States is the first nation to use nuclear weapons in the world, a criminal state that committed genocide against the people of the northern peninsula of the Korean Peninsula in the 1950s with the use of chemical weapons, and it is now the world’s largest arms exporter and a cancer in the body of peace in the world. “

The New York Times and Wall Street reported a report by the UN sanctions committee on North Korea that concrete evidence had been found to deal with the production of chemical and ballistic missile material between North Korea and Syria.

The reports confirmed that more than 40 unreported trucks arrived in Syria between 2012 and 2017, and that experts from North Korea are still working in chemical weapons and ballistic missile sites in Barza and Adra near Damascus as well as in Hama.

The Syrian government, according to the newspapers, responded to these charges by denying the work of any North Korean technology companies in Syria, adding that the presence of North Koreans in Syria is confined to the field of sport.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency