INJAZ, IGI join forces to enhance education in Jordan

A strategic partnership has been forged between INJAZ, a Jordanian non-profit organization, and the International General Insurance (IGI), signifying a significant step toward improving educational opportunities in Jordan. The collaboration aims to implement a range of educational programs at the Marj Al-Hamam Mixed Girls’ Basic School, with a focus on skill development.

In a press statement on Sunday, INJAZ underscored the signing of this cooperation agreement as a crucial component of the “Adopt a School” campaign. This campaign, in conjunction with the Ministry of Education, seeks to mobilize the private sector’s involvement in elevating the educational landscape in the country.

The partnership entails the implementation of various educational programs, including “Me and My Environment,” “Business Challenge,” “Project Management,” “Professional Awareness,” and “My Entrepreneurial Project.” These programs have been meticulously designed to equip students with the skills and knowledge required to meet the demands of the future workforce, stay attuned to evolving youth-oriented developments, foster an entrepreneurial spirit, and prepare them for potential careers in entrepreneurship.

Additionally, the partnership offers the students a platform to apply their innovative ideas in real-world scenarios and contribute to the enhancement of the school environment by addressing its fundamental needs.

The IGI, an international insurance and reinsurance entity headquartered in Bermuda with a global presence, including offices in Amman, London, Dubai, Malta, Kuala Lumpur, Bermuda, Casablanca, and Oslo, plays a pivotal role in this endeavor. The company is a member of INJAZ’s Board of Trustees and shares a common vision with the organization in advancing various facets of Jordanian society.

This partnership is geared towards nurturing youth by opening doors to economic opportunities, providing them with essential training, fostering their scientific and practical qualifications, enhancing their awareness, and maximizing their future potential, notably in the realm of entrepreneurship.

Furthermore, the partnership underpins the concept of social responsibility, transcending across diverse sectors, and reinforces the culture of voluntary work, an integral component of IGI’s social responsibility initiatives.

Source: Jordan News Agency