Integrity Commission: Municipalities of Wasit affected public money by 6 billion dinars

The staff of the Investigation Department of the Federal Integrity Commission carried out four operations to control the disbursement of salary differences in violation of the law, and damage to public money, in addition to forgery and fake purchase offers in the Wasit governorate.

In a statement, the department revealed that the Kut Municipality Directorate had not taken the necessary legal measures against the executing company of a commercial investment complex project, due to its breach of the terms of the contract and its failure to start work. Although three years have passed since it received the land of the site; This led to material damage to the Directorate amounting to (534,410,000) dinars, given that the project land was originally rented as a parking lot, stressing that the Directorate was unable to collect the amount of late fines imposed on the investor, which amounted to (4,110,745) US dollars, and the failure to register an accrual payment and not recording a due entry for the amount in its accounting records reach within its accounting records.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency