International condemnation of the killing of 7 aid workers in the Gaza Strip in an Israeli raid

Jerusalem – Together – The killing of seven relief workers from the American non-governmental organization World Central Kitchen, which distributes food aid in the Gaza Strip, which is threatened by famine, in an Israeli raid on Monday, sparked international condemnation.

The organization explained that among the dead were citizens “from Australia, Poland, the United Kingdom, a citizen holding dual American and Canadian citizenship, and a Palestinian.” It also announced “the suspension of its operations in the region.”

US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken called for a ‘quick and impartial’ investigation into the killing of the seven workers.

In turn, Australian Prime Minister Anthony Albanese stressed, “This is completely unacceptable. Australia expects full accountability (for those responsible for) the killing of aid workers.”

He added that an Australian citizen, volunteer Zumi Frankum, was doing ‘very valuable work’ distributing food in the Gaza Strip.

Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez called on I
srael to provide clarifications about the killing of seven humanitarian workers last night in an Israeli raid in the Gaza Strip, describing it as “brutal.”

German Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbock called on Israel to “conduct a rapid and in-depth investigation” into the killing of the seven aid workers. ‘Aid workers must be able to carry out their important work in complete security, all over the world and also in Gaza (…) Similar incidents must not be allowed to occur,’ she wrote on the

The British government summoned Israel’s ambassador to London to express its “firm condemnation” of the killing of seven aid workers, including three Britons, in the Israeli raid.

British Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs Andrew Mitchell said in a statement, ‘I have asked for a prompt and transparent investigation to be conducted, for the findings to be shared with the entire international community, and for those responsible (for the attack) to be held fully accountable for their actions.’

British Foreign Secreta
ry David Cameron said that the United Kingdom awaits ‘comprehensive and transparent explanations’ from Israel, adding: ‘Humanitarian workers must be protected and able to carry out their mission.’

Polish Foreign Minister Radoslaw Sikorski announced that he requested clarifications from Israel the day after the raid that resulted in the killing of seven employees of the American relief organization World Central Kitchen, including a Pole.

‘I personally asked Israeli Ambassador Yaakov Livni for urgent clarifications. He assured me that Poland will soon receive the results of an investigation into this tragedy,’ he wrote on the X platform, adding that Warsaw intends to conduct its own investigation.

French Foreign Minister Stephane Ségournet expressed France’s “firm condemnation”, stressing that “protecting humanitarian personnel is a moral and legal duty to which the world must adhere.”

European Union foreign policy chief Josep Borrell condemned the Israeli raid, which resulted in the deaths of seven humani
tarian workers, and called for an investigation.

‘I condemn this attack and call for an investigation to be launched as soon as possible,’ Borrell wrote on X.

He added, “Despite all the appeals to protect civilians and aid workers, we continue to see innocent people being killed.”

China expressed its “shock” over the Israeli raid that resulted in the killing of seven employees of an American relief organization in the Gaza Strip.

Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Wang Wenbin announced that Beijing “opposes any action that harms civilians, destroys civilian infrastructure, or violates international law,” adding, “We condemn” this attack.

Jean-Francois Courte, vice president of Doctors of the World, said that the raid that killed seven workers at the American non-governmental food aid organization in Gaza was ‘a message sent by the Israeli army’ aimed at preventing humanitarian workers from intervening on the ground.

Jordanian King Abdullah II expressed, via the

He added, “We appreciate your sacrifices
and humanity. Humanitarian organizations in Gaza must be protected and enabled to deliver vital aid to our brothers in the Strip.”

The UAE condemned “in the strongest terms the Israeli occupation forces’ targeting of the Global Central Kitchen Foundation team, the UAE’s partner (…) to enhance the humanitarian response provided to civilians in the northern Gaza Strip.”

A statement by the UAE Foreign Ministry held “Israel fully responsible for this dangerous development,” demanding “an urgent, independent and transparent investigation into what happened, and the punishment of those responsible for this heinous crime, which is considered a flagrant violation of the rules of international humanitarian law.”

Source: Maan News Agency