Iran announces the release of Iranian tanker “Grace 1”

Iranian oil tanker Grace 1 was released on Thursday evening by a decision of the Gibraltar authorities and endorsed by the court after being detained illegally, the Iranian Fars News Agency reported.

“A few moments ago, by the decision of the Gibraltar authorities and the support of the court, the Iranian oil tanker was released after being detained illegally,” Baidi-Nejad wrote in a tweet on Twitter.

“Over the past 40 days, with the efforts of the relevant local institutions and under the direction of the Foreign Office, Iran has been conducting ongoing discussions at the political, legal and technical levels with the British side in order to stop this illegal action,” he said.

He wrote that the United States made “desperate” efforts at the last minute to prevent the release of the Iranian tanker but failed humiliatingly. Thanks to the efforts made in the past few days, all the preparatory and technical measures have been taken to direct the tanker to the free water and it will leave the area of Gibraltar quickly.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency