Iran Threatens Again: Our Secret Weapons Will Sink US Warships In The Gulf

BAGHDAD An Iranian military official on Saturday threatened to sink US warships in the (Persian) Gulf using “secret weapons”, without giving details.

“Iran can send America’s warships to the seabed with their crews and planes using secret weapons,” General Morteza Qorbani, an adviser to the Iranian military command, told a local news agency.

“I think rational Americans and experienced military leaders will not allow American radicals to start a war,” he added.

The US administration announced, a few days ago, that it sent an aircraft carrier and B-52 bombers to the Gulf area because of Tehran’s threats.

Observers predict that Iran does not have secret weapons, and that the talk of its officials is nothing more than “micro-statements and demonstrations.”

On Friday, the State Department’s outreach team reviewed a number of weapons Tehran had announced to be invented, which turned out to be mere lies or a counterfeit copy of weapons manufactured in other countries.

Tensions between the two countries grew after Washington stepped up military presence in the Middle East in the face of Iranian threats.

On Friday, a senior defense official said the United States is blaming Iran and its proxies for attacks that recently targeted commercial vessels in the Gulf of Oman in front of the UAE coastline, as well as a missile attack in the Iraqi capital.

Acting Defense Secretary Patrick Chanhan said the military action in the Gulf was aimed at deterring Iran rather than waging a war against it.

In a brief statement, the minister said Washington had foiled planned attacks against US troops in the region by showing US military strength.

He reported that he and Foreign Secretary Mike Pompeo provided documented information about certain Iranian threats directed at US forces in the Gulf.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency