Iraq vs Qatar .. Bahrain vs Oman in the Gulf semi-finals 25

Baghdad, The teams of Bahrain and Qatar qualified for the semi-finals of the 25th Gulf Championship in Basra.

The Bahrain national team qualified by topping its group after a draw with Kuwait, with a goal for each.

Mahdi Al-Humaidan scored for Bahrain in the 20th minute and Shabib Al-Khalidi equalized for Kuwait in the 46th minute of the match that took place at the Palm Stadium.

The Qatar national team finished second in the group, with a tie with the UAE, with a goal for each of them as well.

Fabio Delema scored for the UAE in the 74th minute, while Tamim Mansour Moftah scored for Qatar in the 90th minute, in the match hosted by the Olympic Port Stadium.

The Qatar national team will meet the Iraqi national team, while the Bahrain national team will meet the Omani national team in the semi-finals.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency