Israeli airstrikes in Gaza result in civilian deaths, widespread destruction

A wave of Israeli airstrikes struck several areas across Gaza, early Sunday, resulting in a harrowing toll of deaths and extensive damage to homes, medical facilities, and agricultural sites. Reports from Palestinian sources confirmed that the Israeli airstrikes targeted the United Nations Development Program’s shelter for displaced persons in Gaza City’s Nasr neighborhood, resulting in further deaths and injuries. Amidst the turmoil, medical facilities were not spared. A doctor lost his life while attending to patients at the Mahdi Hospital for childbirth in the Nasr neighborhood, further injuring displaced individuals. The affected victims within these facilities are appealing for urgent assistance and evacuation through the International Committee of the Red Cross. Educational institutions housing displaced individuals were also targeted, raising concerns about the safety and security of civilians in these areas. Additionally, attacks on key infrastructure such as the Indonesian Hospital in Beit Lahia
and the Shifa Medical Complex, accompanied by intense shelling and airstrikes, have further compounded the crisis, leading to more deaths and injuries. The situation has escalated, with continuous shelling and reports of airstrikes targeting residential buildings, agricultural lands, and other civilian structures. As a result, the humanitarian crisis is worsening, and the ongoing conflict has led to an increase in civilian deaths, with a plea from international medical organizations for an immediate halt to attacks on hospitals to aid in the treatment and rescue of the injured. The ongoing conflict, initiated since the beginning of October, has tragically resulted in over 11,100 deaths, including over 8,000 children and women, in an ongoing toll that continues to rise.

Source: Jordan News Agency