Italy Is Considering To Reduce Its Military Presence In Iraq

BAGHDAD, IRAQ – Italian Prime Minister, Paolo Gentiloni said his country is considering to reduce its military presence in Iraq.

Gentiloni told reporters on the sidelines of his meeting at the five-nation meeting in France that “Italia is currently preparing for military participation in counterterrorism efforts in Niger and the African Sahel and it is considering to withdraw a part of its troops in Iraq,”.

He added, “The Italian forces will take over the training of troops that can contribute to supporting stability and combating terrorism in the Sahel region by initiating a bilateral process with Niger to counter the migration flows from Libya towards the Mediterranean,”

The number of Italian troops currently in Iraq is about 1,400 soldiers, and the thought of withdrawing part of these forces is linked to the victory achieved against Daesh organization.

Italy participates in the International Coalition in Iraq, some of which are training Iraqi police and Peshmerga in combat, as well as securing the maintenance of the Mosul Dam, which is run by an Italian company.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency