Jade Software’s Master Terminal Wins Another US Customer

CHRISTCHURCH, New Zealand, July 17, 2013 /PRNewswire — Jade Software today announced it had secured another sale of its terminal operating system Master Terminal to an American cargo port.

Philadelphia’s Penn Terminals, a privately owned marine terminal and stevedoring service company, based at the original site of Philadelphia’s Naval shipyards, is the latest customer to select Master Terminal software, which is especially suitable for mixed cargo ports.

Penn Terminals handles approximately 300,000 containers and half a million tonnes of mixed cargo annually.

In February 2013, following a robust due diligence process against international competition, Jade won the terminal operating software business for five Diversified Port Holdings ports in the south-eastern United States (two in Jacksonville, as well as ports in Mobile, New Orleans and Port Everglades).

Jade Software Managing Director David Lindsay, says that Master Terminal is expanding quickly in the US market.

“We were confident that once we had one site implemented that others would follow, and that has been the case. We are delighted to be working with Penn Terminals and to strengthen our market position in the United States.

“Master Terminal has the capability to transform the operations of mixed cargo port sites. It effortlessly handles all of the complexities of mixed cargo and has the potential to deliver significant cost savings, and increased productivity, which in turn will considerably lift ROI,” says Lindsay.

Implementation at the Penn Terminals cargo port begins in August.

Lindsay says that following the success of Master Terminal in the Middle East, the company was beginning to explore opportunities with fast growing mixed cargo ports on the African continent.

About Jade

Jade Software designs innovative products and solutions that manage and securely mobilise the world’s leading organisations. Jade markets and sells its products through the JOOB and Jade Software brands in more than in 80 countries and has offices in the United Kingdom, United States, Canada, Dubai, Australia and New Zealand.

Jade provides a terminal operating system called Master Terminal to ports and terminals with container and mixed cargo operations. Ports use Jade software to gain a single view of their operations, enabling them to make smarter decisions faster, which maximises operational efficiency and improves their competitiveness.

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