Japan Grants US$ 6.5 Million to Jordan for Power System Enhancement

Japan has allocated a grant of US$ 6.5 million to Jordan, facilitated through the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) for the “Strengthening Capacity of Power System Operation” project. This decision follows the Exchange of Notes penned on September 3, 2023, between officials from both nations. The subsequent Grant Agreement was formalized by Ms. Zeina Toukan, Minister of Planning and International Cooperation, and Mr. Wakui Junji, JICA’s Chief Representative in Jordan. The initiative’s primary objective is to upgrade the power system operation. This upgrade involves substituting current protection relays with advanced digital protection relays in key substations. The overarching goal is to ensure a stable and dependable electricity supply within Jordan. This enhancement is crucial, given Jordan’s aggressive move towards integrating renewable energy sources into its power grid.

Source: Jordan News Agency