Jhalakathi Shishu Academy mistakes Tagore for Nazrul in recitation competition

The Academy has selected three poems – ‘Khuki O Kathbirhali’, ‘Bir Purush’, and ‘Manush’ – for the competition scheduled for Saturday.

In the invitation letters to the schools in the district, the Academy mentioned Tagore as the writer of all three poems, though only ‘Bir Purush’ is written by the Nobel Laureate.

The two others are written by National Poet Nazrul.

The incident has raised eyebrows in Jhalakathi over the ‘negligence and knowledge’ of the Academy bosses.

Jhalakathi Kobita Chakra General Secretary Md Al Amin Baklai is not ready to accept the matter as ‘only a mistake’.

“There could have been mistakes while typing the name of the poet. But putting Rabindranath’s name in Nazrul Islam’s poems is unacceptable,” he said.

Jhalakathi Awami League’s Cultural Affairs Secretary Monowar Hossain Khan said the incident was a result of ‘lack of knowledge, not a mistake’.

“I am very much frustrated on getting the letter. There should be limit to mistakes,” he said.

Guardian Reazul Haque said it was a ‘matter of shame’.

The district’s Child Affairs Officer Md Jahedul Islam said the problem occurred due to haste.

“It was only a mistake…besides this, we had planned to celebrate the birthdays of Rabindranath and Nazrul Islam on the same day. So Rabindranath’s name was written in place of Nazrul mistakenly,” he said.

Source: Bangladesh’s First Internet Newspaper