Jordan, Egypt explore mining cooperation

Chairman of Jordan Phosphate Mines Company (PLC) Mohammad Thneibat emphasized the strong relation between Jordan and Egypt across all sectors, highlighting the significance of sharing experiences in the phosphate fertilizer industry between the two countries.

At a meeting with a delegation from Egypt’s syndicate of mine, quarry, and salt evaporation pond workers, he underscored the importance of phosphates as a valuable asset to the investment sector in the Kingdom. The company, a significant economic establishment, places great emphasis on diversifying its investments, he added.

In a press release from PLC on Sunday, Thneibat affirmed the company’s dedication to the manufacturing industry and underlined the successful partnerships with both local and international companies, resulting in the establishment of numerous factories and increased job opportunities within the Kingdom.

The PLC, he continued, now has a significant presence in the worldwide phosphate market after it was able to expand into new markets thanks to the high-quality Jordanian phosphate and its extensive experience in phosphate production and mining, which was offered to the Egyptian side for their benefit.

He also highlighted the company’s commitment to social responsibility and its contribution towards promoting comprehensive and sustainable development, specifically mentioning the PLC’s efforts in treating phosphate waste, the gypsum mountain in Aqaba, and other projects that prioritize environmental preservation and safety.

He highlighted the firm’s participation in international and Arab associations that focus on mining, as well as Jordan’s plan to host the Arab Fertilizer Association’s meetings by year-end, demonstrating Jordan’s and the company’s worldwide reputation in the industry.

Mohammad Samara, the head of the Egyptian delegation, expressed his appreciation for the PLC and its accomplishments in diverse fields, adding that the purpose of their visit is to gain insights into Jordan’s expertise in the phosphate and mining industry and to explore opportunities for sharing experiences and visits.

Source: Jordan News Agency