Jordanian Pharmaceutical Exports: A Call to Tap into the Palestinian Market

The Jordan Chamber of Industry, through its spokesperson for therapeutic industries and medical supplies, Fadi Atrash, has made a call for streamlining the export of Jordanian pharmaceuticals to the Palestinian market. In his Monday interview, Atrash spotlighted the untapped potential of the Palestinian market for Jordanian pharmaceuticals, noting the renowned quality and established reputation these products hold. By tapping into this market, Jordan can not only optimize its existing export avenues but also catalyze expanded production. Jordanian medications, celebrated for their efficacy and safety, have garnered significant trust from international medical and healthcare communities. To illustrate the market’s potential, Atrash detailed the financial landscape of Palestinian pharmaceuticals, valued at $250 million with $100 million from government bids and $150 million from the private sector. This presents a ripe opportunity for Jordanian pharmaceutical firms. Beyond medicines, Atrash emphasized the Pale
stinian market’s affinity for a broader range of Jordanian products, attributing this to similarities in market dynamics and consumer inclinations. However, he expressed concerns about challenges in market entry, particularly due to restrictions imposed by Israeli authorities. Concluding on a forward-looking note, Atrash highlighted the need for heightened diplomacy and collaboration between the two nations’ private sectors. He envisions increased delegation exchanges and cooperative endeavors to boost trade ties and incubate mutual projects.

Source: Jordan News Agency