Jordanian programmers join Arab Youth Anti-Corruption Hackathon in Doha

Jordanian programmers are actively participating in the “Arab Youth Anti-Corruption Hackathon” taking place in Doha. The event, which commenced on Monday, is organized by Qatar, in collaboration with the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC), bringing together 117 programmers from 17 Arab countries. The primary objective of the hackathon is to engage young talents in leveraging technology to combat corruption effectively. Participants hail from Jordan, Algeria, Bahrain, Egypt, Kuwait, Iraq, Lebanon, Libya, Oman, Qatar, Morocco, Palestine, Saudi Arabia, Sudan, Tunisia, Yemen, and the United Arab Emirates. The organizers of the hackathon offer winning teams a unique opportunity to further develop their proposed technological solutions with support from the Hackathon’s partners, who are committed to enhancing the use of information and communication technology solutions in the ongoing battle against corruption. In his opening remarks during the inaugural session, Hatem Ali, Regional Representative of
the UNODC for the GCC countries, emphasized the significance of the Arab youth’s participation in this hackathon, stating that young Arab programmers have gathered in Doha to learn, develop new skills, and foster valuable relationships. “Their shared passion for technology drives them to create innovative solutions to combat corruption, while they also compete to become the next champions in this vital cause,” he said, noting that he believes that the hackathon presents a unique opportunity for Arab youth, not just to compete for innovative solutions and youth engagement strategies in anti-corruption efforts but, more importantly, to become ambassadors of their respective countries, advocating for enduring transparency and accountability within the Arab world.

Source: Jordan News Agency