Jordanian women call on international community to take immediate action to stop genocide in Gaza

In a letter titled “Solidarity of the Women of Jordan with the Women of Palestine,” Jordanian women who are leaders in the public and private spheres, as well as representatives of civil society organizations and governorates, called on the international community to act immediately to put an end to the crimes against humanity and genocide occurring in the Gaza Strip. Organized by the Ministerial Committee for the Empowerment of Women, the Jordanian National Commission for Women’s Affairs, and the National Center for Human Rights at the Royal Cultural Center, the event that witnessed the launch of the message, came to support Palestinian women in opposing the aggression against Gaza. The letter of support, which includes the names of Jordanian women, will be sent to the League of Arab States, the UN Women’s Fund, the UN Rapporteur for Human Rights, and the UN Secretary-General. In order to ensure accountability for crimes against humanity and to put an end to war crimes and genocide in Gaza, the international community was urged to act swiftly in the message of solidarity. In addition, since women and children are the ones most impacted by this conflict, it stipulated the protection of civilians as well as their safety. For her part, Minister of Social Development and head of the Inter-Ministerial Committee for Women Empowerment (IMCWE), Wafa Bani Mustafa, said that Jordan today stands alongside the Palestinian brothers, as it has always been, a spearhead in defense of Palestine. She added, “His Majesty King Abdullah II has repeatedly announced that Jordan will remain closest supporter of the Palestinian brothers, and we all stand behind the leader of the country, for our compass is Palestine and its crown is Holy Jerusalem.” Secretary-General of the Jordanian National Commission for Women, Maha Ali, praised the resilience of the Palestinian women in their struggle. She noted that this event coincides with global civil society organizations and UN Women’s preparations for the annual international campaign against violence against women and girls. The National Centre for Human Rights’ chair , Samar Al Hajj Hassan, said, “In the framework of its monitoring of this sinful war, the Center took the approach to the violations committed by the Israeli occupation authority in light of international standards in international human rights law, international humanitarian law, and the resolutions issued On behalf of the competent agencies of the United Nations, to come up with a petition and a human rights indictment showing the face of the legal violations with regard to the violations and crimes committed by the occupying entity against the brothers in the Gaza Strip in international law.” In a recorded speech, Palestine’s Minister of Women’s Affairs, Amal Hamad, expressed gratitude to the Jordanian people, government, and leadership for their honorable and responsible coordination in support of the Palestinian people’s rights, which has continued at all levels since the beginning of the aggression.

Source: Jordan News Agency