Jordan’s stance on Israeli aggression against Gaza is advanced, says Senate President, 1st, final add

The Senate President emphasized that His Majesty King Abdullah, since assuming his constitutional powers, has always been at the forefront of defending the Palestinian issue and calling for finding a just solution and ending the conflict in the region on all occasions and in various international forums.

“The persistence of Israeli aggression and occupation only produces violence, especially when hatred only generates hatred, and rage only generates rage,” Al-Fayez emphasized.

“There cannot be any security and peace for Israel except by finding a just and comprehensive solution to the Palestinian issue, establishing an independent, sovereign Palestinian state on the land of Palestine within the 1967 borders, and complete Israeli withdrawal from the occupied Palestinian territories,” Al-Fayez underscored. “This is Jordan’s permanent, solid, and unequivocal position.”

“Jordan’s efforts to end the Gaza war and empower the Palestinian people with their rights, according to Al-Fayez, will continue. The first m
ove was to annul the energy-for-water agreement, and now the Lower House is investigating all of the agreements inked between Jordan and the occupying state, including the gas agreement, through its Legal Committee,” the Senate President said in response to a query concerning the agreements signed between Jordan and Israel, Jordan refraining from signing the energy agreement in exchange for water, the extent of the impact that this suspension could have on the Israeli side, and whether stopping or reconsidering the rest of the agreements with the Israeli side was a potential scenario for the Jordanian side.

He stated that Israel must understand that the Palestinian people will struggle until their last breath, even if only one Palestinian remains. As a result, the Arab position must support Jordan’s position in urging the United States of America and Europe to halt the aggression and avoid turning the war in Gaza into a regional war that will have ramifications for global peace.

Source: Jordan News Agency