Kaabi Congratulates Iraqi People On Including Babylon In The World Heritage List

First Deputy Speaker of the House of Representatives Hassan al-Kaabi congratulated the Iraqi people on the occasion of the approval of UNESCO and the unanimous vote to include the historic city of Babylon in the list of world heritage and remove it from the list of sites at risk.

Al-Kaabi said in a statement on Friday: “Once again, Iraq defeats terrorism and terrorists after trying to destroy all its monuments and its historical treasures.” Added “Today, UNESCO announces the annexation of Babylon and the marshes before to the World Heritage List. Babylon today with its history, present and future is the focus of the attention of the international community, before being the ground for the first laws in history.

He added: “We hereby affirm our full support, as the legislative authority, the Ministry of Culture, Tourism and Antiquities by providing all the necessary means through direct coordination with the government and legislation of laws and issuing decisions that will protect the ancient city of Babylon and preserve its history.

Al-Kaabi called on the relevant authorities to pay special attention to the Marshlands and Babylon as the focus of the world, since their revival and development are the responsibility of every Iraqi who loves his country.

The World Heritage Committee has agreed at the meetings of the UNESCO currently held in the Azerbaijani capital of Baku unanimously, to include the city of Babylon in the global list.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency