Khalidi Rules Out Completing The Remaining Ministries During The Next Session Of Parliament

BAGHDAD, The head of the parliamentary bloc (Bayariq al-Khayr)), Mohamed al-Khalidi ruled out the nomination of candidates for the remaining ministries during the next session.

He told NINA “The differences are still ongoing on the candidates of the Ministries of Interior and Defense in particular between the blocs concerned and there is no signs so far to resolve this matter.”

He added, “The political blocs have to resolve the names of their candidates and agree on them as soon as possible and get the political scene away from any new crisis that does not serve the current reality.”

He explained that “most of the political blocs with the speed of resolving this matter so as to discuss the state budget for next year and approve it before the end of this year.”

It is noteworthy that the political blocs are still in constant dialogues to resolve the candidates of the remaining eight ministries, especially in light of the insistence of the Construction Alliance on their candidate to the Ministry of Interior, Faleh Fayyad who is rejected by Sauiroon Alliance.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency