Khalifa University holds successful fire drill as part of Emergency Preparedness Initiative

ABU DHABI: Khalifa University recently held a successful fire drill at its Abu Dhabi campus as part of an overall safety and emergency preparedness plan that seeks to ensure the health and safety of the University’s students, faculty, staff and visitors. The thirty-minute fire drill included a fire evacuation exercise and demonstration, about 1000 employees, students, contractors and visitors were all safely evacuated from the campus. The mock drill was conducted in order to assess KU’s disaster management skills during an emergency. It was carried out with the objective of creating awareness of fire prevention and to facilitate the efficient evacuation of students and employees from the premises. KU’s health and safety department set up fire prevention equipment for the exercise and the fire safety team took part in the exercise.

Prior to the fire drill, KU conducted a detailed Emergency Response Team (ERT) Training programme, wherein employees from each building underwent training which discussed details about evacuations, guidance on how to conduct an effective evacuation, the duties and responsibilities of the emergency rescue team, and a comprehensive fire awareness class which also involved a practical demonstration of how to douse a fire.