Kurdish Change Movement Insists On Changing Regime In Kurdistan

Sulaymaniyah / The change movement headed by Mustafa Nushirwan renewed its insistence on regime change in the Kurdistan region from the presidential to the parliamentary.

The spokesman for the movement, Shorsh Haji said in a statement to the National Iraqi News Agency / The Movement represents five hundred thousand votes of voters in the Kurdistan region and it is committed to the promises they have made since it was founded in 2009. So the change movement is willing to pay the price for its credibility .

Haji made it clear that the Movement will never give up its political project of changing the regime in the Kurdistan region from presidential to parliamentary to achieve transparency and social justice in order to improve the living conditions of all citizens alike, stressing to uproot financial and administrative corruption in the Kurdistan region.

The spokesman for the movement criticized the position of some political parties that had submitted projects in the Kurdistan Parliament with the Movement in order to change the regime of government, adding that some political parties in the region backed away from their previous position and trying to play the role of mediating between the movement and other political parties.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency