Kurdish delegation of Change Movement, the Islamic Group and the Alliance of Democracy announces the results of its visit to Baghdad

The Kurdish delegation of the Movement for Change, the Alliance of Democracy, Justice and the Islamic Group, announced the results of their talks with the political parties and the central government to address the living conditions of citizens and normalize the crisis situation in the disputed areas.

The Kurdish delegation, after arriving in Sulaymaniyah, returning from Baghdad issued a statement to the public opinion regarding the results of his visit and his talks with the Iraqi parties.

The statement pointed out that the delegation visited Baghdad in order to achieve the interests of citizens and improve the living conditions for them in the Kurdistan region and normalization of the crisis in the disputed areas, noting that the delegation, which held a series of meetings with the Iraqi parties stressed the need to create the atmosphere to ensure the holding of fair and credible elections in Iraq .

The statement also pointed out that the Iraqi government and political parties supported the demands of the Kurdish delegation to pay the salaries of employees and the payment of dues of the Kurdish Peshmerga forces by the central government.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency