Kurdish MP Calls For Int’l Intervention To Stop Killing And Arrests In Kurdistan

BAGHDAD, IRAQ (NINA) – MP of Change Movement, Hoshyar Abdullah called for urgent international intervention by the United Nations and its affiliated organizations to put an end to the arrests and killings and kidnappings that targeting demonstrators in Kurdistan, confirming that two people killed and eighty others wounded as well as hundreds of activists were arrested in Sulaymaniyah.

He said in a statement today: “The Kurdish street is witnessing a crisis, warning of the outbreak of the situation in the provinces of the region and the districts and sub-areas of it, and so far two people were killed and 80 injured in Rania district, and there is a campaign of mass arrests of hundreds of unarmed citizens in the center of the city of Sulaymaniyah and Rania and Qal’at Diza, Karamian, Chamchamal and Koesengjek, “noting that” the arrests are carried out in a futile and retaliatory manner that aim to revenge from all who participated in the demonstrations. “

He added, “The arbitrary measures included the closure of NALIA media group, including the NRT channel, and the arrest of the leader of the New Generation Party, Shaswar Abdul Wahid, whose fate is still unknown.”

He explained: “The inability of the Government of Kurdistan to pay the salaries of employees and its inability to provide the basic requirements of citizens’ livelihood made the only demand for the demonstrators is the departure of this government.

He said: “The federal government continues to ignore the suffering of the citizens of the Kurdistan and what they are subjected to by the forces of the region’s government, and Prime Minister Haider Abadi, unfortunately deals with the issue of the region with political manner and seeks to be used as a trump card in the upcoming elections.”

He added: “The only solution is to have international intervention to free hundreds of detainees who participated in the demonstrations, and stop the death machine that address demonstrators with fire, and the international community should pressure the government of Kurdistan and compel them to respect human rights and stop this fierce campaign aim to silence people by force.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency