Kurdistan Regional Government: Subversive hands are behind the events of Chiladze and we will punish the rioters

BAGHDAD, The Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) announced that ” subversive hands ” are behind the events in the Shiladze district of Dohuk province today, which caused the loss of the life of a demonstrator and injuring at least ten others, promising to punish those described as “saboteurs and rioters.”

The KRG said in a press statement: “We express our concern and grief over the loss of lives and injuries in the events of today in Chiladze region, and express our condolences and sympathies to the families of the victims.”

“There are subversive hands behind these events, so the agencies concerned are conducting thorough investigations to punish the saboteurs and cause the rioting,” it said.

On Sunday, a demonstration was held in the province of Dohuk in the province of Dohuk, protesting the Turkish shelling of the area. Demonstrators stormed a Turkish military headquarters, killing a demonstrator and injuring 10 others, as well as burning a number of military vehicles.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency