Lieberman’s efforts to foil Palestinian bid to upgrade UN status should be taken seriously: UAE paper

Dubai: Israeli Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman, who is leading Israel s international effort to foil the effort to upgrade the status of the PNA at the UN, should be taken seriously because he knows too well that the Palestinian cause enjoys strong support in the General Assembly, a UAE daily has commented.

”Lieberman has informed the European Union of his intention to destroy the entire Palestinian National Authority (PNA) in retaliation for a successful bid for an upgraded status at the UN.

Israeli television quoted Lieberman as telling EU foreign policy chief Catherine Ashton, “I will work to ensure the PNA will collapse,” adding that even the effort to obtain such recognition means an end to any possibility of resuming peace negotiations,” The Gulf Today wrote in its today’s editorial.

”The Palestinians have already circulated a draft resolution in the General Assembly that would see the status of Palestine as a “non-member state of the United Nations.”Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas has been campaigning hard with the international community for such recognition one year after his failed bid for full membership at the United Nations Security Council, the Sharjah-based paper said.

”Israel s far-right government has been talking about the possibility of “punishment” of the Palestinians for their bid at the UN, but the “destruction of the PNA is likely to be controversial even within Israel s cabinet,” the paper remarked.

”With the Israeli election just months away and opposition parties tapping Abbas as the best chance for peace negotiations, Lieberman and his bloc have come under strong criticism for being unreasonable in their approach.

”Lieberman s threat may reflect his own objectives, but it seems extremely impractical, because any collapse of the PNA will lead Israel to deal with millions of Palestinians and leave Hamas as the only significant Palestinian faction in the absence of the PNA,” The Gulf Today concluded.

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