Life sentence for a convicted man took part in the assassination of opposition activist Taleb al-Suhail in Beirut

BAGHDAD, The Iraqi Supreme Criminal Court has issued a life sentence for a convicted man for the assassination of Iraqi opposition activist Talib al-Suhail in Beirut in 1994.

A statement issued by the Information Center of the Supreme Judicial Council said that “the convicted confessed at the stage of investigation involvement in the assassination and his role was to hide the weapons carried out by the operation in the Lebanese capital Beirut.”

“The convicted man was working for the Iraqi Embassy in Beirut, as well as a former intelligence officer who was responsible for the operation, as well as details and how to implement it,” the statement said.

The statement pointed out that “the court found in the available evidence sufficient to convict the accused in accordance with the provisions of Articles 12/15 of the law of the Supreme Criminal Court.”

Source: National Iraqi News Agency