Maliki From Tehran: The Axis Of resistance Is The Axis Of The Nation, Which Deter Enemies And Destroy Conspiracies

TEHRAN, Secretary-General of Dawa Party in Iraq, Nuri al-Maliki, warned against normalization with the Zionist entity, considering it a dangerous conspiracy and the Arab peoples must stand against it.

Maliki said in a speech on Saturday at the Islamic Unity Conference held in Tehran that the visits exchanged by some Arab leaders towards Israel is an attempt to increase the expansion of the Zionist occupation and its heinous crimes and the policy of normalization with this entity is only fatal deadly symptoms of the Palestinian cause and expansion of the disease to the body of the nation.

He pointed out the importance of standing all the national forces to defend Palestine against the barbaric Zionist occupation and stop its crimes, as it is going to tear up the nation materially and morally should stand against it and confront the fatwas of takfir and extremism. The duty should also solve the crises of the region and deter the Zionist entity.

Al-Maliki said that the Zionist entity is behind the wave of terrorism and terrorist groups of Takfirism and fatwas of Wahhabism and one of the most dangerous propaganda is to describe the resistance axis as the axis of evil and terrorism, although the axis of resistance defended the Palestinian resistance and contributed to the achievement of victory and destroyed the plots of enemies and the axis of resistance is the axis of the nation that defends it.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency