Masum: The Internal Problems Should Be Addressed To Ensure Prosperity And Reconstruction

Baghdad, IRAQ President of the Republic Fouad Masum stressed the need to address the internal problems of the country to ensure the country’s prosperity and reconstruction.

Masum said in his speech during the events of Baqirayn International Conference, which is held by the Supreme Islamic Council that “Iraq appeared to be back to its distinguished position among the countries of the world, and will begin to conduct elections after defeating Daesh, and must maintain the internal unity and address the shortcomings and mistakes, so the political blocs should exploit the unity of the people to resolve differences between them.

“The work required us, as leaders and institutions, to work on other political, economic and legislative victories in order to find solutions to political problems, to achieve the best aspirations of the Iraqi people, to ensure the return of the displaced, to hold elections and reconstruction and to achieve national reconciliation. /End

Source: National Iraqi News Agency