Mayor Of Faw District In Basra Warns Of Mass Exodus Due To High Salinity In Water

Basra, The Mayor of al-Faw district south of Basra, Walid al-Sharifi warned of the disaster of mass migration for the people of the district because of high salinity in the waters of the Shatt al-Arab.

Al-Sharifi said in a statement to the National Iraqi News Agency (NINA), “The high rates of salinity caused a disaster in the district, and the migration of families to the center of the province and other provinces as a result of the death of their animals and the death of their plantations because of the high salinity.

He pointed to the inability of the local government of Basra to implement the demands of the people of the district and find solutions to the problem of salinity of water, in front of the silence of the Government of the Center occupied by the formation of a new government, and the disbursement of funds allocated to solve the problems plaguing the province and Faw district so far, as well as the lack of commitment of the Ministry of Water Resources to meet promising to increase the water flows to Basra to contribute to solving some of the problems.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency

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