Mensah-Williams calls for national conference on passion killing

WINDHOEK: Vice-Chairperson of the National Council, Magreth Mensah-Williams has called for a national conference on “passion killing” to find practical solutions to this problem.

Her call comes after yet another passion killing in Namibia, with the latest reported incident being the murder of a 23-year-old woman, allegedly shot by her 42-year-old lover who committed suicide soon after, at a trade union office in Katutura’s Mungunda Street on Wednesday.

Mensah-Williams said during the National Council session in the capital on Thursday that the Khomasdal-North Constituency’s Development Committee is very worried, and is calling on the Ministry of Gender Equality and Child Welfare, together with all stakeholders, to come up with a national conference on passion killing, since a conference on violence was already held.

A National Conference on Gender-Based Violence was convened by the Ministry of Gender Equality and Child Welfare in June 2007.

The conference on passion killing, she said, should include traditional authorities, people from rural areas, and faith-based organisations.

“The country is in need of serious healing, as people’s emotions are getting out of hand,” she stated.

Mensah- Williams further said people should be able to control themselves.

“There is no man that will stand back and see his own daughter or sister being killed through this (passion killer). I, therefore, call on those men who are taking part in such acts to stop this evil deed with immediate effect,” the vice-chairperson appealed.

Mensah-Williams noted that this evil act has gone out of control, and further called on business people, community leaders, local authority members, civil society organisations, Members of Parliament and the media to come together and find solutions.

She further suggested that if there is no money to implement possible solutions to the problem of passion killing, money should be found in order to save the future generations to come.

“We can not allow this. We fought against the apartheid regime, we are still fighting for economic independence, so we can as well join the fight against this evil,” said Mensah-Williams.

On her part, Swapo National Council Member and Deputy Minister of Veterans’ Affairs Hilma Nikanor supported Mensah-Williams, saying she does not want the numbers of women who have been murdered through passion killing to increase to thousands if not millions.

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