Military Expert: The Americans transferred with their troops withdrawing to Iraq fighters and leaders of Daesh

Baghdad The United States used the agreement with the Iraqi government to transfer US troops from Syria to Iraqi territory. In fact, they were accompanied by convoys of leaders and large groups of Daesh,” said military expert Retired Syrian Brigadier General Ali Maksoud.

“What the Americans are reporting about the military operations they are carrying out and supporting in the southeast of Deir alZour against the last enclave of Daesh in AlBaghouz area is only a deliberate plan to justify the survival of US forces in Syria and Iraq,” he said.

“Three weeks ago, the Coalition forces announced that the terrorist organization was besieged in an area of no more than half a square kilometer, and that the elimination of it was imminent. In fact, the tripartite negotiations between the United States and the organization of Qasd on the one hand, and Daesh on the other hand , the Americans wanted to suggest a victory on the Daesh organization on the one hand, and on the other hand, it wanted from this process to lead to the transfer of Daesh terrorists to Iraq and Afghanistan to encircle Iran between the jaws of pliers through the recycling Daesh and urging them in a battle against Iran.

Yesterday, the Qasd Forces launched its final attack to crush the besieged terrorist Daesh in the eastern province of Baghuoz, making rapid progress.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency