Minister Of Electricity: We Are Determined To Find Radical, Not Patchwork, Solutions

fuel, which will contribute to saving sums of money over the value of imported gaseous fuel. ?

During his meeting today, Wednesday, with the President of the American Stellar Energy Company, Peter Gibson, the Minister of Electricity, Ziad Ali Fadel, discussed the projects implemented by the company regarding the interring of combined cycles in Kirkuk and Al-Sadr gas stations, which will add to energy production by the order of 500 megawatts. ?

The two parties also discussed the possibility of implementing new energy projects in Iraq to solve bottlenecks in the electrical network, by establishing new stations during the next three years. ?

The Minister of Electricity confirmed the government’s determination to address the electricity issue in Iraq, and to find radical, non-patchwork solutions for this vital sector, stressing the importance of adhering to the timelines for completing the projects contracted with the American company. ?

For his part, Peter Gibson pledged to complete the package of projects implemented by his company within the specified timetable, to secure Iraq’s needs for electrical energy reliably, and its readiness to implement new projects in accordance with the latest international specifications.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency