Minister Of Trade: Baghdad Int’l Fair Is A Clear Message That Iraq Is Determined To Promote Iraqi market

Baghdad, Trade Minister Mohammed Hashim al-Ani confirmed that “Baghdad International Fair today is a clear message that Iraq is determined to promote the Iraqi market through development and investment, as well as the establishment of economic relations with all countries.

Al Ani said during a speech at the opening ceremony of the 45th session of the Baghdad International Fair that “the launching of events and distinguished attendance comes from the keenness of the government to establish investment projects with all Arab and foreign countries and that Iraq is fertile ground to create an investment environment for the Iraqi market. He pointed that the government is working to implement its program announced by Prime Minister Adel Abdul-Mahdi, which includes promoting the Iraqi market through the reception of global markets in the investment arena. “

He added, “We are keen to draw plans for all countries and leading companies to enter the Iraqi market and we gave the private sector important concessions to develop economic work, and the ministry is working to review the international conventions and memorandums of understanding.”

He added that “the ministry, as well as its role in monitoring the global market, today is calling for all countries to participate in the establishment of investment projects in the Iraqi market, which need international investment expertise.”

Source: National Iraqi News Agency