Minister says government adopts ‘participatory’ approach on economic modernisation vision

Amman: Minister of Government Communications Muhannad Mubaideen Sunday said the interactive “Between two Years” meeting is part of a series of meetings held by the government on the vision of economic modernisation.

Mubaideen added a press briefing following the conclusion of the activities of the “Executive Programme for the Economic Modernisation Vision Between two Years,” that Prime Minister Bisher Khasawneh discussed today the developments that accompanied the process of economic modernisation, the achievements in development projects and government projects, and the requirements and possibilities for achieving the desired economic reforms.

He added that the closing session witnessed the presence of His Majesty King Abdullah II and His Highness Prince Hussein, the Crown Prince, and there were directives to the government and attendees regarding the necessity of participation to achieve the desired reforms.

The Deputy Prime Minister for Economic Affairs and Minister of Public Sector Development, Nasser
Sharideh, said, “The meeting was a translation of the royal directives,” noting the participatory approach and participation with the private sector.

Source: Jordan News Agency