Ministry of Climate Change and Environment accredits 25 new slaughterhouses in 12 countries during H1 2021

DUBAI, The Ministry of Climate Change and Environment (MOCCAE) today revealed that since the beginning of 2021, it has accredited 25 new slaughterhouses in 12 countries to export red and white meat as well as chilled and frozen meat products to the UAE, bringing the total number of accredited slaughterhouses outside the country to 182.

Saif Al Shara, Assistant Under-Secretary for the Sustainable Communities Sector and Acting Assistant Under-Secretary for the Food Diversity Sector at MoCCAE, said, “The increase in the number of accredited meat exporters aligns with the ministry’s strategy to enhance the UAE’s food security and sustainability through strengthening international food supply chains. It also boosts the country’s position as a leading food trade hub and ensures the continued availability of food to meet local demand.”

He further noted that the accreditation of slaughterhouses exporting meat and meat products to the UAE is a key pillar of food safety. In this context, MoCCAE joins forces with relevant stakeholders to apply a host of control measures throughout the food supply chain. In addition, the ministry has developed adequate laws and regulations, establishes intel exchange mechanisms with the concerned entities at home and abroad, upgrades food safety procedures, and raises public awareness about sound food-related practices.

To assess slaughterhouses seeking to export meat products to the UAE, a technical team verifies their compliance with applicable health best practices, food safety regulations, and manufacturing criteria.

To confirm they uphold the halal criteria for animal slaughter, MoCCAE has contracted trusted organisations in the countries of origin to inspect the meat production process at the facilities, and submit reports to the National Committee for Meat Safety. The committee comprises representatives of the Ministry and local food control authorities, including Abu Dhabi Agriculture and Food Safety Authority as well as municipal entities in Dubai, Sharjah, Ajman, Umm Al Qaiwain, Ras Al Khaimah, and Fujairah. It is responsible for reviewing technical evaluation reports for foreign slaughterhouses, and making recommendations to MoCCAE on their accreditation as halal meat exporters, as well as constantly upgrading the health requirements and halal criteria for slaughterhouses in the UAE and abroad.

In case the reports by the appointed entities or by the border inspection teams state that the slaughterhouse has failed to adhere to the health or halal requirements, the ministry immediately revokes accreditation.

Keeping the safety issue in mind, the ministry verifies the documents accompanying inbound consignments shipped by accredited slaughterhouses, such as halal certificates, certificates of origin, and health certificates. It also conducts physical inspections and laboratory tests on samples from shipments and takes action against those who trade in food products that are non-compliant with food safety regulations or shariah rules.

MoCCAE regularly updates the list of accredited slaughterhouses in each country and the types of products they are allowed to export to the UAE on its website and circulates it among local food control authorities.

Source: Emirates News Agency