Ministry of Culture celebrates International Day of Braille

DUBAI, The Ministry of Culture and Knowledge Development celebrated the International Day of Braille by holding a series of events to raise awareness about the rights of the visually impaired and ways to communicate with them.

One of the aims was to propagate the use of the Braille writing system to help impart education to the visually impaired.

The events were held at the Ajman Cultural Centre, in co-operation with the Emirates Association of the Visually Impaired, Al Jalila Cultural Centre for Children and Nattiq Technologies.

The event featured a painting exhibition for the visually impaired affiliated with the Al Jalila Centre, and a technology exhibition organised by Nattiq Technologies. A number of advanced devices and software meant to assist the visually impaired to read were showcased at the exhibition.

The ministry reiterated its keenness to pursue its role to raise awareness about issues impacting various sections of the community.

Source: Emirates News Agency