Ministry of Energy, GE Power organise workshop to promote sustainable power

ABU DHABI, The UAE Ministry of Energy and Industry and General Electric, GE, Power have organised a workshop to discuss best practices in promoting power plant flexibility and sustainability to help meet evolving energy needs in the country.

The workshop was held in Abu Dhabi and attended by senior officials of the Ministry, leading power plant operators and utility providers in the UAE, GE Power and other energy sector stakeholders.

The workshop complemented the ongoing efforts of the ministry to promote more sustainable, flexible and efficient power in line with UAE Vision 2021, UAE Energy Plan 2050, and the sustainable development focus of the nation. It is also part of the Advanced Power Plant Flexibility Campaign by the Clean Energy Ministerial, CEM, countries, which is paving the way for cost-effective, large-scale, variable renewable energy integration.

Fatima Alfoora Alshamsi, Assistant Under-Secretary for Electricity and Future Energy of the UAE Ministry of Energy and Industry, said, “We are working with clearly articulated short-term and long-term goals for the power sector by diversifying our energy mix, promoting energy demand management, and improving the operational flexibility, reliability and efficiency of our power plants.

“The workshop is part of a global flexibility campaign whereby we are bringing best practices from across the world to the UAE. GE Power is a technology leader with a long-term presence in our region and the combination of their innovative portfolio of solutions as well as their local commitment and knowledge, place them in an ideal position to support our goals.”

The UAE 2050 energy goals include securing 44 percent of total power from clean-energy sources and 38 percent from gas, with the rest to be delivered through clean coal at 12 percent and nuclear energy at six percent. The rising investment in renewable energy comes with greater intermittency in power supplies, giving rise to the need for more flexible, efficient power from conventional sources, which can help stabilise the grid.

Ghassan Barghout, President and CEO of GE’s Gas Power Systems � Sales for the Middle East and North Africa, said, “We are committed to supporting the UAE in achieving its strategic vision for the power sector. With the demand for electricity rising across the Middle East, the region’s energy needs will be best served through a thoughtful, increasingly flexible and efficient mix of conventional and renewable fuel sources and technologies over the foreseeable future.”

Source: Emirates News Agency