Ministry of Health and Prevention holds awareness campaign on osteoporosis

DUBAI, The Ministry of Health and Prevention organised an awareness campaign on osteoporosis in cooperation with Sharjah Municipality to observe World Osteoporosis Day.

The campaign included a free examination of bone density for employees as well as the distribution of leaflets containing information on the signs and symptoms of what is known worldwide as a silent disease. Every 20th October, the world observes World Osteoporosis Day to raise awareness about the disease, diagnosis, preventive methods, and treatment plans.

Osteoporosis usually attacks people who are 50 years old and above. Healthy nutrition, physical activity on bone health, and avoidance of fractures, such as those of the spine, are the key to preventing the disease and living an enjoyable and high-quality life. Despite many effective treatment options, Osteoporosis is often diagnosed at a late stage, making many treatment options ineffective. Through the campaign, the ministry seeks timely assessment and treatment of the disease from human, social, and economic burdens.

Dr. Kalthoum Al Blooshi, Director of the Hospitals Department, said that being aware of the dangers of osteoporosis is an effective preventive measure. Early diagnosis and treatment are just as critical as preventive methods. The campaign was aligned with the ministry’s strategies to deliver comprehensive and integrated healthcare services in innovative and sustainable ways and ensure community protection from various illnesses.

Osteoporosis is diagnosed through the examination of bone density of the pelvic and lower back areas, and in some cases, the feet and hands too. She pointed out that preventive methods include regular exercise, intake of enough quantities of calcium and vitamin D, and avoidance of cigarettes, caffeine, and soft drinks.

Source: Emirates News Agency